Kourui Sasuno


Kourui Sasuno, Goddess of Bloodshed, loved and feared by many. At least she once was. Her story:


 The beginning of time, the universe was created, along with it were the heavens. Children of the Higher Being, the Tenbu, were created one by one, as time went by, and creatures were born on each planet that was made. First were the beings below the Tenbu, gods and goddesses, to watch over the creatures. When humans were created, the Tenbu would watch over them, see their actions and assign a god or goddess to each important thing that the humans did. The Tenbu noticed that they began to pray to the heavens for guidance, to help their crops be plentiful, for their new born child to be born healthy, and for their love with one another to be happy.

  Time went on and eventually came war for the humans. They prayed for victory, so the Tenbu sent a god to be their God of War. As battle over land and power became more for the humans, some became darker and prayed for their enemy to slain, and not just to be victorious. These certain humans wanted the blood of their enemies to stain the ground, and for the ones fighting for them to not fear death, and bleed with pride. The Tenbu, though unsure, gave these humans someone to pray to as well. A goddess, a tennyo, the Goddess of Bloodshed.

  These humans embraced this goddess, prayed to her daily and gave her offerings. Soon, her reason for being was not only for battle, but for the darkest of human action. Humans offered sacrifices to her, murderers prayed to her. The goddess began to enjoy the blood. She made her first appearance to a man who was praying for something she found odd and had never hear of from humans before. He was praying for a meal, he was a vampire. One of the first of his kind, who had merely heard of this Goddess of Bloodshed by wandering thieves, and prayed to her for amusement to himself. He did not beleive in any sort of High Being, or gods and goddesses for that matter.

  But she surprised him, at first he thought it was a coincidence and had stumbled upon a lost woman in the woods, who could have been a nice meal for him. Trying to seduce the goddess, she struck him down to the ground, not killing him just yet. Her eyes caught with his and he begged her not to kill him, that he was only hungry. She was stunned, a human asking to feed on blood? This was something she had not heard before. He stated what he was and how his kind survived, off blood of living creatures. The goddess understood and let him go, on the condition that he continued to serve and pray, she was not just a myth.

  Her first appearance led to many others. She wanted to know more, to have others follow her. More vampires began to pray to her, they were the ones that were just like the humans that were dark and twisted. Not all vampires prayed to her, the more noble of them. This did not last long, either. Soon the vampire kind stopped praying to her, and the humans began to stop as well. This went for many of the brothers and sisters of the goddess, as well. They begin to pray only to the Tenbu.

  This upset the goddess, she was created for a purpose and demanded that purpose be put to use. She went back down and met that first vampire from woods. Centuries had gone by and he was still alive and looked just as he did when they first met. This intrigued the goddess, and stayed longer with him. She began to ask questions, she wanted to know why the Tenbu would not tell her.

  "Vampire, why are you still alive? Many other creatures pass on, yet you do not look a day older." She asked him, curiosity taking over.

  He simply smiled at her, "That is the way of my kind. With death, we are gifted with eternal life."

  "Death? You are dead? How are you able to stand before me if you are dead?!" The answer the vampire gave the goddess made no sense to her, this made her angry.

  Again, the vampire only smiled, "Lovely Goddess, you must have a name. Please, tell me." He changed the subject, not very interested in talking about his kind or why they are the way they are. She stood silent, his request for a name repeated in her mind, "I am the Goddess of Bloodshed, is that not a good enough name for you?" Immediately the vampire threw his head back in laughter, "What are you laughing at, Vampire?" She grew impatient with him.

  "My dear, that is what you are, not your name." He took a step towards her and standing very close to her, and give a bow, "My name is Alin Lüceanu."

  The goddess again stood silent, "I have never been called anything else." The goddess lied. She had a name, but she dared not speak it in her own language.

  Soon after, she adopted a name as the two spent more time together. The name she took on was one that a race of humans called her, Kourui Sasuno. She liked the name and it's meaning. She began to spend more time with Alin than she did in the heavens, and they became lovers. This upset the Tenbu and Kourui was called back to heavens.

  "Young one," The Tenbu spoke to Kourui, "What has caused your absence? You belong here, not among the unworthy creatures on the land."

  Kourui became enraged, "How dare you speak of him that way! He is not an unworthy creature like the humans!"

  Staying calm, the Tenbu replied, "You are forbidden to see him, or to leave the heavens any longer."

  "I will do as I please!" Kourui shouted, the heavens around her shook. She ascended back to the land, to be with Alin.

  The Tenbu waited for her to return, but became impatient as months went by. The Tenbu called Kourui back.

  "If you do not return, you will be banished. If you wish to stay on the land, then you will forever remain there." The Tenbu spoke to Kourui sternly.

  "I will never return." Was Kourui's answer.

  "Very well." A simple reply, and a turn of a wrist, the Tenbu stripped Kourui of her celestial life. The Tenbu caressed Kourui's right cheek softly, but Kourui winced, feeling pain. With a slight push, she was sent back to the land, and Kourui fell from the sky. Landing is a large body of water, Kourui crawled out, coughing and gasping for breath. Alin was at the shore, waiting with a hand to help her up. As soon as Kourui stood, Alin gave her a strange look.

  "Your face. What happened?" Alin reached to touch Kourui's left cheek, and she would slap it away. Kourui touched her cheek instead, her finger tips ran down as she felt a long vertical scar running down from just below her eye, stopping just above her jaw line. She knew what it was.

  "No, it can't be." Kourui clawed at her arm, waiting for blood to be drawn, but noting would happen, "No!"

  "What's going on, Kourui? Why are you not bleeding?" Alin looked a bit frightened.

  "She banished me." Kourui was still clawing at her arm, "I can not use my powers without my blood. She took them from me!"

  Kourui looked up at the sky and glared, then let out a blood curdling roar that echoed through the woods surrounding the lake. Alin only stood and watched, then began to laugh. Kourui looked at him, confused, "Why are you laughing?"

  He stopped laughing and approached Kourui, grabbing her by her throat, "You are now useless to me." Picking Kourui up, Alin tossed her across the lake shore, then turned and walked off into the forest.

  Kourui merely laid on the muddy shore in complete shock. All at once she had lost everything.

  Kourui wandered aimlessly for days, the events that involved Alin and the Tebu repeated in her mind. How could she have let this happen? Being on the land caused mortal emotion to overtake her. She began to find mortals worthless, just as the Tenbu said, and now she was one of them.

  One day a pack of bandits surrounded Kourui, on instinct she went to slice at her fore arm to draw blood, forgetting she could not be cut. This distracted her and one of the bandits lunged at her from behind and held her, poking a dagger at her neck. Struggling to get out from the hold, it caused the dagger to pierce into her neck, the bandit sliced it across her neck. All of them, including Kourui, were confused. She did not bleed even when being sliced at the neck, not even a wound showed up.

  Throwing the bandit over her shoulder, Kourui took a hold of his dagger and stabbed him repeatedly in the chest. Blood poured from his wounds, and Kourui stared, reaching her hand to touch it, she smeared the blood with her hand, she could feel it pulsating. Suddenly she knew, she still had her powers, but no access to her own blood. Without her blood, her powers weren't as strong, but she still had them. She used the dead bandits blood to summon her sword, Mesu-ketsueki.

  Killing the other bandits quickly, Kourui felt she still wanted more. She had never killed anyone before like this, felt the warm blood of another mortal on her hands. She liked it. Seeing the bandits also reminded her about her banishment, which she blamed on the mortals, especially one. Anger built up inside her and she ran off into the nearest village.

  Stopped by two village guards, Kourui was blind with rage, and struck them down in one swing of her sword. She ran into the village, killing everyone she saw that was in her path. Screams of terror echoed throughout the village, men with swords and any weapons they could get their hands on tried to stop Kourui, only to meet the same fate as the first two guards. Other guards tried to shoot at her with arrows lit aflame, only to miss and ignite their own homes. Kourui used this as an advantage, running in front of houses and building on purpose, then dodging each fire arrow with ease.

  Soon, the flames from the houses were big enough to engulf the building next to it, until it was out of control. Kourui watched as people ran out of their homes, watching them burn to death if they were on fire, and slaying them down if they weren't on the spot. She cared not who they were, only that they needed to die for her pain and suffering. The smell of blood filled the air, it was as strong as the smoke from the fire that burned down the village.

  Walking out of the village, Kourui left it burning. If anyone was left, they were lucky, and very few. Kourui still had the same look in her eye as she headed for the next village, but she had passed out half way there. She awoke to find herself in a small hospital. A nurse saw that she was awake and told her that she was found by a traveling caravan. They left her there, assuming she was a surviver from the village that burned down.

  She was still covered in blood, they hadn't cleaned her, just waiting for her to wake up. She was able to get cleaned and get new clothes, the nurse was shocked to not find any wounds on her. Kourui simply lied, stating that she must have just been hit by the splatter of blood as she ran off. Kourui knew why, though. Her body did ache, but it quickly faded, and she was ready to leave the hospital later that day.

  She went back to see the other village. She couldn't remember everything, she was even having a hard time believing that she did it, hoping it was only a dream. As she approached the village, it was nothing but smolder and ashes. The smell of blood still lingered in the air, then Kourui suddenly remembered everything, and she screamed. She ran back to the village she awoke in, hardly being able to see through her tears.

  Many times she tried to kill herself. Jumping from buildings, stabbing herself with knifes and swords. She even purposefully avoided fighting back when someone attacked her. In the darker part of the village, there were areas were people would just fight, some to the death. It was entertainment to the humans. Kourui offered herself as a free and easy target for them to try and kill.

  Everything failed. The men that tired to kill her in these rings found themselves tired out by beating Kourui, or using their weapons on her. At first some thought to just slice right through her, or try to chop off her head, but it was like going through a ghost. Nothing ever happened. Eventually Kourui got bored and started to fight back, ending up killing everyone who tried to fight her in the ring.

  Since this did not last long, Kourui left and tried to make a living on the brighter side of the village. Every once in a while she tried to kill herself, making something look like an accident in case it did. But as long as she had the scar on her face, Kourui could never bleed. She was to forever remain on the land, never to return to the heavens, and too unworthy to even feel the sweet release of death.

  She stayed in that current village, getting a small job here and there, saving everything she earned. Her new life on the land had started. Years went by and people started to notice how she didn't change as they did. Taken for a vampire, a witch and other things they considered evil, she was thrown out of the village. This happened everywhere she went until she took it upon herself to leave before it happened.

  She traveled everywhere, making enough money to live long enough before she'd pack up and leave again. She grew to hate people, vampires especially. Men were a problem with her as well. She held a strong grudge against them due to what Alin did to her. Human men weren't as much as a problem, they were just annoying. She avoided anyone as much as she could. She had no use for any kind of relationship with anyone.

  Though soon she did befriend a few, being on the land got lonely. Everyone was different than her brothers and sisters. There were people that were kind just to be kind, and these people warmed her heart. At least enough to make normal conversations and have friends. Though as they got older, she didn't. She watched many who she had become close to wither and die. She started to get used to this.

  Kourui continued to travel, coming upon a land unknown areas. Eventually she visited just about everywhere there was to go, and do almost everything there was to do. Very few places were new to her, but some were special enough that she visited more than once, often even. To this day she continues to do the same, looking for a way out of her curse, or at least a place to attach herself to.


 (When talking about mortals in this story, I am referring to all kinds, humans, vampires, whatever. They were all mortals to her once, and she still sees them that way. Vampires CAN die, so they technically are mortals. As a Goddess, Kourui could not die at all, so she was a true immortal.)

(Finsihed? I think. I may end up adding thing I forgot x.x But for now, I think I got it all, lol )