Kourui Sasuno


Frequently Asked Question(s)

1. What is a Tennyo?

 "Celestial Maidens. A subgroup of the Tennin. Another term for Apsaras, but one that refers specifically to female Apsaras -- and to goddesses in general"

Or.. www.fuckinggoogleit.com

2. Who is The Tenbu?

Basically God Herself. Yes, I said Herself. In the mythology that was created just for creative purposes of the story, The Tenbu is the all mighty being, and is seen as a female. She is never truely seen, though can be represented as the brightest of lights, arms/hand if She is reaching out, and lips if she happens to speak "face to face". This allows the readers to use their imagination more. What would The Tenbu look like?

The term "Tenbu" was borrowed from Japanese Buddhist mythology. This Tenbu is NOT the same Tenbu as mine.

3. What does your name mean?

Kourui Sasuno = To strike with tears of blood.

Sasu = to strike, Kourui = feminine tears/tears of blood/bitter tears 

4. Just exactly how old are you?

Easiest thing to say would be about as old as the Sun. Though if you read the story, you would realize this. Also, take in account that the time line for the mythology does NOT involve Prehistoric times and anything related to that. That should be common sense, but since that is lacking these days, I mentioned it anyway.

5. Why do you collect things in jars?

.. Why not?

6. You're married now?

Why yes, yes she is. Happily, extremely happily.

7. And you have children?

Kourui has adopted two children before, though one left on his own due to conflicting issues. Then gave birth to two children(Twins) of her own with her husband, of course.


More will be added as they come...