Kourui Sasuno


[ 流 血・の・女 神 ]- Basic Information


Chatango: Kourui, KouruiSasuno

Name: Kourui Sasuno

Age: Real age unknown. Physical appearance seems to be in her early twenties. She does not age. (Keep in mind how old the Earth roughly is, give or take some.)

Race: Tennyo (Goddess Bloodline)

Hair: Jet Black, long past her waist, tied at the end with a red ribbon.
Eyes: Dark ember red.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128 lbs
Markings/Scars: A vertical scar on her left cheek, and a tattoo on her hip of a flower that resembles a rose.

Clothing:  Refer to image above for now. Full description to come later/soon. (It is fully my design and my artwork)

Personality: Cold and cynical upfront to strangers, even if she smiles, it's only to mock them. Seemingly apathetic, she saves her caring for those that truly matter to her, which are extremely rare. She likes to tease, sometimes in an attempt to make another angry, or at least slightly annoyed. It's just how she likes to play and doesn't mind others playing back, she invites it. Stay on her good side though, and her true smiles will shine through.  

Likes: She loves flowers, mainly roses. Fruits are mostly what she eats, though had been known to indulge in the sweet taste of candy. Corsets and ribbons. Likes to tease and mock

Dislikes: Vampires, cats, being bored, things that are too bright and flashy, people who don't understand personal space.

Natural Talents: She has other talents unrelated to fighting. She plays piano, violin and cello. She can sing, but chooses not to. As a many Tennyo like her, singing voices have a bit of a siren effect, but mostly just on those who are weak willed. Kourui has decided not to use this anymore, though it is at the sacrifice of singing as just enjoyment, which she used to love. She knows many different languages. With as long as she's been around, she's had to do something with her time. 

Elemental Alignment: Blood, Celestial light (Energy, not actual of light element)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 

Weapons: A large two-handed sword by the name of Mesu-ketsueki. (Up to 6 ft (1.8 m) long from the base of the pommel to the tip of the blade, with a 4–5 ft (1.2–1.5 m) blade and 1½ ft (30–45 cm) hilt. [x] She does not carry this sword around, it's too big. She has a power that allows her to summon the sword. She also carries a small stiletto in her right boot (when wearing boots), otherwise she will wear it on a strap around her thigh.

Wears armor plates over regular clothes at times, when she has availability to them. [x] - She has an outfit that's full armour: red body suit with black chest plate. Black wrist, knee and elbow guards, and left shoulder guard, and black lower body armour. This set is in the works, storyline wise. [x]


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